Title: Still Life 
Author: Fiona 
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Rating: G 
Summary: Ewwww mushy babyfic! <spits> 
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just pretending. 
Author's note: I haven't a clue why I wrote this. 
It came right out of left field and was written in 
five minutes flat on a rainy Sunday night. 
<shrugs, shakes head>> And I don't even *like* babies... <g>

'Still Life'

"Did you use all the film?"

Margaret watched her daughter stare in wonder at the
polaroid shots. 

"Oh yes..". A secret smile played upon her lips.
"Do you want to hold onto them? Fox hasn't seen
them yet."

Scully nodded. "Thanks Mom. He should be back soon, 
he said was going to get something from the car."
A tired grin spread across her face and she rolled 
her eyes "..apparently it's a surprise, although I
don't know what's taking him so long. He's been gone
for over an hour!"

"Oh I'm sure he'll be here in a while, Dana".

Still smiling, her mother picked up her coat and 
paused at the door, turning to gaze at the small 
cot by her daughter's bed.

"I think we've had enough suprises for one day" she 
whispered "I'll see you tomorrow sweetheart".
But leaving was the last thing she wanted to do 
at that moment, and so she lingered a while longer,
enjoying the view.

Captivated by the photos, Scully didn't even hear her.
She began to spread the images out over the bedspread, 
touching them reverently.

A small wrinkled baby, bloody and screaming.
Mulder cutting the cord, his face a mixture of fear
and awe.
Mulder kissing her forehead as she held their son for 
the first time.
Tiny fingers grasping her own thumb.
New born blue eyes blinking at strange surroundings...

In total, almost twenty precious moments captured 
forever on film. When she came to the last image in 
the envelope a large lump formed in her throat.

This one was different.

It was a picture of Mulder.
Fast asleep in an uncomfortable chair in the waiting 
room with his arms around an over-sized teddy bear.
His hair was a mess and he was drooling onto the blue
ribbon around the bears' neck. 
Someone had thoughtfully placed a paper sign on the 
adjacent chair that read: 'New father. Do not disturb.'

There was a soft chuckle from the other side of the room.
"I thought you would like that one." 

Scully looked up to find her mother leaning against the
door frame, shaking her head with uncontrollable amusement.

"He's still there, you know. Do you want me to go
and get him?"

Scully looked back at the photograph and wiped away her tears. 

"No" she whispered softly, reverently touching the image with 
her fingertips, "Let him sleep for a while."