My Fan Fiction
Forbidden Fruit   Mulder pushes his luck and Scully gets all sticky   Rated R   view dustjacket
Limited Edition  Scully learns to adjust and accept   Rated PG   view dustjacket
Supermarket Sweep  While Scully relaxes, Mulder discovers fatherhood the hard way 
Rated PG  view dustjacket  *Winner* 2002 Spooky Awards ~ First Place: Outstanding Kidfic Story
Still Life   Pictures to treasure  Rated G   view dustjacket
Pop Quiz   Two people, one bed and a whole lot of fate   Rated  R  view dustjacket
Fragility  A difficult day at the office for Mulder  Rated G   view dustjacket
Jigsaw  Time to reflect and share what's important   dustjacket coming soon  

                              Humorous Poetry
                 The  Bitch Troll from Hell #1   #2
                                               (A.K.A. - Agent Fowley)     

Locked   A little spot of bother in a tight situation  Rated R view dustjacket
The Booth   A reunion of sorts  Rated PG  view dustjacket
The Mall   Mulder is desperate for a glimpse of his family at Christmas  Rated PG view dustjacket
N.Y.E   A post-series look at New Year's Eve.  Dustjacket coming soon